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Online Coaching


Your own personalised progress tracker so I can adjust your plans and keep you in line with your goals.


Goal setting, tracking and accountability is easily attained in my all in one coaching program.


You get 1 on 1 coaching by me as well as regular check-ins to keep you on track through our app.


I provide a tailored exercise and diet solution to achieve your goals and fit in with your specific lifestyle. Fitness has to work around YOUR life, not the other way round.

Expert Help

Fat loss, muscle building or just improving fitness all have a degree of commonality, but there is enough difference to ensure you need an expert who can drive you towards the desired physical adaptations by design.

Frequent Updates

As an online client you will get a new workout every month. I will also adjust things as necessary after each check-in. Interaction between us is done via voice/video messages and email/text through my app. Here you will provide both subjective/objective data, measurements and pictures (if comfortable). This drives my decision making process and ensures you progress optimally.

Online Chat

You will also have access to my facebook group. Here I post regular educational content as well as go live to answer questions and drive discussion. This is a supportive environment of like-minded men who have similar circumstances to yourself. Both this and the in-app support is designed to facilitate maximum engagement and accountability. The aim being to have you feel like I’m with you. No question is stupid. I’m here to help. Your goal becomes my goal.

Maintained Results

You will benefit by achieving your fitness goals much faster, and with a greater chance of success than alone. (Accountability/knowledge are key drivers here). Finally the education you receive will benefit you and your family greatly in the future as you understand how to maintain your results.

Successful Transformations

A Force For Good

I believe in fitness as a force for good! It is my mission in life to leave a positive impact on the world and help others. Alongside helping busy men get fit I believe fitness should be used a means to facilitate positive change. Be that inspiring others by overcoming physical challenges, using fitness to engage with the outdoors and supporting charity/the most vulnerable. As an aside 10% of all profits go to charity.

Helping Others

I believe I stand out from other coaches in that despite my highly competitive, high performance background I have grown in kindness and humility. I love helping others from the complete beginner to the more advanced. The satisfaction that brings me is the true reward alongside the joy I get from being a family man.

Sam Wake

I originally set up my fitness company WAKEFIT to deliver bespoke 1-1 high quality personal training to everyday busy men. I knew as a time poor professional myself how important keeping fit was for me to ‘live my best life’ both professionally and recreationally.

During my time as 1-1 trainer I have helped countless busy men achieve fat loss, muscle gain and/or a fitter healthier lifestyle. The importance of my mission was reconfirmed to me as I became a father of two myself and keeping in shape became harder than ever before as I juggled the demands of family life and running my own business.

It was then I took the decision to branch into online training. I was already highly experienced and I knew I could help more men without being geographically constrained. My passion had grown from just working with busy men to understand another sub-demographic, Dads. After all who is busier than a family man with a career (Dad-bod anybody?) I have plenty of first hand experience here both as a coach and as a busy Dad and so I understand you perfectly. You want a fit healthy body but not at the expense of a career and family/social life. You also don’t want to become a slave to the gym or a restrictive diet.

I get it, I really do. My background as a Sports Science grad & PT, ex-Olympic athlete assistant strength coach, GB athlete, fitness model and RAF Officer has meant I have spent my life working within a high performance environment. Successful achievement of goals is of paramount importance within all these careers and I bring all the tricks of the trade both physical and mental to facilitate a huge improvement in your fitness goals in a non-threatening online environment.

My goal is to use fitness as a force for good. When you work with me we become a team and share accountability. Put simply, you will reach your goals more quickly with me in your corner. I want all men to ‘live their best life’ as I feel I do. We all have enough on our plates with career and family without worrying about the latest fad diet or exercise. Let me lead the plan of action, whilst providing education on all matters of health and fitness. I look forward to help you achieve your goal.

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